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We are glad to meet you on our site. Thank you for your attention to our company "AGService".

From year to year requirements of each polygraphic manufacture in Russia to suppliers become more and more serious, responsible, exacting.

Despite the ongoing world crisis, the Russian polygraphic market continues to toughen a complex of inquiries to printing houses, demanding from them the maximum reduction of terms of  orders’ execution, receiving an excellent production at the minimum profit of printing house and the maximum commodity credit.

In these difficult conditions, it is important to  polygraphic manufacture to make a correct choice of the supplier of expendable materials as structure, the price policy and company-supplier service, and also quality of the goods delivered to him play one of important conditions of material welfare of manufacture.

Since foundation “AGService Ltd”,  November, 2009, the activity is directed, first of all, on the maintenance of success of the clients by polygraphic materials, service and flexible price.

All employees of our company «AGService Ltd» have worked many years in the large western companies, having aged experience in the polygraphic market of Russia. They know how it is necessary to work to make our customers be happy from our cooperation.

During the short period – since our foundation in November, 2009 till the end of 2010, we have signed Contracts on cooperation with many large manufacturers of expendable materials, such as:

  • DRUCKFARBEN (England) – factory -manufacturer of offset paints and varnishes
  • ABC CHEMICAL (England) – factory-manufacturer of polygraphic chemistry
  • HI-TECH (England) – factory-manufacturer of water based coating and printing coatings
  • BLUE PRINT (Belgium) – manufacturer of polygraphic chemistry
  • KINYO (Japan) – manufacturer of offset plankets

And also products of such world brands as HENKEL, Prime Wire, AGFA, KRUSE, Policrom Screens and many other which are always accessible to you in our warehouse.

We are ready to offer you excellent service and deliveries, having the highest category of reliability. 

Faithfully yours,

Director                                                                                                         Elshan Aliev 

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